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Spiny Tailed Gecko

Northern Spiny-tailed Gecko Broome Bird Observatory Western Australia

Spring slipped past us rather suddenly. Wildflowers common not even a fortnight ago disappeared without a single trace while Rose-tipped Mulla Mulla (Ptilotus manglesii) have popped up almost everywhere, signalling the start of summer with its dry and hot weather.

Although these conditions have restricted my outdoor activities to some extent, recent upgrades of camera gear as well as Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are the main culprits for my absence in the field. While spending many hours behind a computer screen is not my favourite pastime, I’ve become to realise that my photographic collection is in desperate need of proper organisation; a task postponed too often and which now I’m trying to complete bit by bit.

I guess that looking back at memorable moments is the fun bit though, and now and then I even stumble upon some almost forgotten encounters, as this Spiny Tailed Gecko (Strophurus ciliaris) which was seen during a night walk at the Broome Bird Observatory. Well-adapted to hunting in the dark, geckos’ eyes are around 350 times more sensitive to light than human eyes – they are simply amazing!


  1. Haha – I hear you – I got new camera gear too – I need to find some herps to test out my new ring flash for my macro lens! But yes photo editing and organising can be tedious but its very satisfying when your photos are the best they can be and you can find them as well!

    • Ha, nice one Ry! We should should go and find some herps together. Ran into that Brush Wallaby again yesterday…it just doesn’t want to hang out with me tho 🙂

  2. That’s a beauty. I know what you mean about photo organization; going through the same issues in this hemisphere. Must hit the delete button more often.

    • Thank you Stephen 🙏 Yes, I agree, I tend to hang on to every single photo too without having (or taking) the time to edit them all properly. I’ve promised myself to mend my ways 😁

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