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Purple Enamel Orchid

Purple Enamel Orchid Elythranthera brunonis Beelu National Park Western Australia

Do they say that the bush is all greyness and gloom

Why, the rainbow has lent every thread from its loom

To weave into flower and shrub

Lilian Wooster Greaves

The wildflowers currently on display in and around the Jarrah forest are nothing short of spectacular. This purple enamel orchid (Caladenia brunosis) found near the Department of Parks and Wildlife headquarters was one of the highlights. I’m sure more will follow soon!


    • That is so true, Dries. Although there’s always something interesting flowering, the bush will turn dry again very soon.

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  2. Strange but true; all orchids in this genus produce just one lousy leaf, very close to the ground. Length, shape, colour, thickness of that leaf all help with the identification of species – from a scientific point of view I should have made photos from the whole plant rather than just the showy flower. I guess I got carried away a bit 🙂

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