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Honeypot – Bulgalla

Honeypot Dryandara Banksia Nivea Paruna Western Australia

No other plant is more closely linked to Australia than the Banksia (Proteaceae). As the different species flower almost sequential in the south-western part of the continent they are most reliable suppliers of nectar and therefore a vital part of nature’s food chain. Unlike many Banksia the Honeypot Dryandara (Banksia nivea) or Bulgalla is a grounddweller, and the striking flowers make bees, honeyeaters and even Pygmy Possums stop for its sweet treasures.


  1. They are amazing indeed. Many Banksia species were exported for horticulture – just as so-called bottlebrush trees.

  2. The Gondwanaland link has given us some common heritage in the flower species :). Interesting to read that the Honeypot (love that common name) is a low growing shrub and how nature arranges the opportunity for ground dwelling pollinators to take part in the nectar party.

  3. So true Liz, and because of its heritage it’s pretty amazing to think how old those plants really are! Banksia’s very quickly diversified in new forms and grow from high to as low as the Honeypot – got to say I love the descriptive names of Protea in Afrikaans too 🙂 Mother Nature didn’t leave a single niche unoccupied.

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