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Joffre Gorge – Jijingunha

Joffre Gorge Karijini Pilbara Western Australia

There is no doubt Joffre Gorge or Jijingunha is one of the most spectacular places in Karijini National Park. Located around 31 kilometres west of the Park’s Visitor Center, this is where the Joffre river plunges down in a natural amphitheatre. The falls can be reached by climbing down the narrow ledges and following the chasm, carved through the banded ironstone formations by the force of the water.

Joffre Gorge Karijini Pilbara Western Australia


The hike as described is not unlike the journey iAMsafari has taken this year; sometimes easy, sometimes more difficult, but always rewarding and enlightening. Our next adventure will start in a few more days, therefore wishing you all the best for now and hoping to see you back in good health and spirit in the New Year!

Joffre Falls Karijini Pilbara Western Australia



  1. Exquisite beauty here, Maurice — and you give a good sense of the immensity in your photos, not an easy thing to do. Enjoy your new year of adventures!

    • Thanks so much, Jet. Dimension is hard to handle indeed – light is a matter of visiting the Gorge at the right time of the day, yet the scale of things is enormous and not easy to grasp.

    • It’s an amazing place, Pam. The amphitheatre is like a hidden gem unveiling itself at the end of the hike – the colours are truly spectacular late afternoon.

  2. A beautiful place indeed, Maurice, but not a place I’d think you want to find yourself when a flash flood strikes!

    Happy 2017 to you all, may you collect many beautiful memories together!

    • Flash floods are lethal indeed, Dries, and occur mostly in summertime when Karijini gets hit by tropical downpours. Unfortunately the climbs in the Gorge take their toll too each season, as some underestimate those tricky trails despite warnings – and unfortunately it’s a long way to the nearest hospital! Last but not least, happy New Year to you and family too!

      • Good to be reminded of the dangers inherent in our wilderness explorations at the start of 2017!

        Happy new year, and many happy travels, to the Hovens’s as well!

  3. So excited to find your blog. I love the Australian landscape, flora and fauna and especially so over the Western side. I have to make do with looking in books, magazines and photos so finding your blog is finding a real treasure. I’m looking forward to exploring your posts!

  4. Greetings through the ether Maurice. Missing your presence. Thanks for visiting NatureOTE.
    Your posts are so informative and inspiring. One of these years hubby and I will make it over to Australia to experience some of the destinations which you have highlighted.

    • Sorry Liz, mundane matters of life sometimes take over. I call it a reverse walkabout. I’ll be blending back in – there is only one true direction. Great hearing from you too, and please visit this wonderful land!

  5. I came across a reference to Karijini National Park a few months ago and would love to go there, in spite of the difficulty Its remoteness presents. Glad you made it to that fabulous place.

    • It’s a wonderful place Steve, and we can’t recommend it highly enough. In terms of remoteness it’s definitely doable, although it’s a long way up from Perth – many people opt for a flight to Newman where you pick up a 4WD rental. This way you save 3 days; time better spend in nature than in a car although we liked the road trip.

      Timing is probably more important: too early in the season means you risk seeing no wildflowers, too late in the season and the weather starts to get brutally hot. I reckon spring – now – is the sweet spot for both flowers and wildlife. Please let me know whenever you like to have more practical info.

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