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Crested Pigeon

Crested Pigeon Karijini Pilbara Western Australia

“The chasteness of its colouring, the extreme elegance of its form, and the graceful crest which flows from its occiput, all tend to render this Pigeon on of the most lovely members of its family, and it is therefore to be regretted that, owing to its being exclusively an inhabitant of the plains of the interior, it can never become an object of general observation.” – John Gould, Handbook to the Birds of Australia, 1865


    • Thanks Mike! It’s pretty unusual indeed, as together with the Spinifex Pigeon it’s the only one with a crest. But Gould’s prophecy that it would never be an object of general observation hasn’t occurred, now this bird has become established in many parts of the continent.

  1. We have a couple of residents at our place in Adelaide and they are really lovely, gentle birds. I’m glad John Gould’s conjecture has proved false.

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