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Striated Heron

Straited Heron Butorides striata Roebuck Bay Broome Western Australia

The Striated Heron (Butorides striata) is a common bird along the coastlines of Africa, South America and Australia, and in Roebuck Bay it spends a lot of time in the mangroves and on the rocks, hunting for fish in pools and creeks in typical stealth mode.


  1. Great shot Maurice, against the blue sky. When we started birding we use to try and search for the Mangrove Heron not realising it was the Striated Heron. We still find it hard to know why it is called Striated, I much prefer Mangrove, though because it is found in non mangrove places Striated has become the name. I saw this little fellow up there also. I love watching them hunt in their peculiar way.

    • Thanks, and I agree that Mangrove Heron would be more apt, Ashley. Striated is
      derived from the Latin word striatus, meaning striped, I can live with that 😀 They are skilful fishersmene, although unfortunately I didn’t see it catching any.

  2. Another citizen of the world that we are fortunate to also regularly see (known locally as the green-backed heron), but seldom get such a terrific photograph of!

    • Thanks Mike, just sitting still on a rock did the trick – no fishing action unfortunately. The Groenrugreier is the same species indeed.

  3. I have the feeling I’ve seen some when I was in Galapagos Island. You mentioned it is common on the cost of South America so it’s quite possible ! In any case, I love this little bird, it looks he is wearing a hat 🙂

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