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Leafy Sundew

Leafy Sundew Drosera stonolifera John Forrest National Park Western Australia

“I care more about Drosera than the origin of all the other species in the world” – Charles Darwin, Origin of Species

Charles Darwin’s fascination with Sundews is no secret, and after elaborate experiments to unlock the mechanisms of those carnivorous members of the Kingdom of plants, he published his findings in Insectivourous Plants in 1875. And as Darwin wondered about the sensitivity of the tentacles and leaves, their reflexes and digestive powers, I’m continuously amazed by how the small and delicate Leafy Sundew (Drosera stolonifera) is so well adapted to the poor sandy soils of our Jarrah woodlands, patiently waiting to trap and devour the next unsuspecting insect.


    • Isn’t it gorgeous? Just boggles my mind how a plant so small and delicate as this deceives insects – Carl Linneaus couldn’t believe it either in his days, and thought they must be caught in those deadly tentacles accidentally!

      • I hadn’t heard that one – amazing! Nature is wonderful in its complexity.

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