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Colours of Koikyenunuruff

Gravel Bottlebrush Beaufortia decussata Stirling Range Western Australia

The Stirling Range National Park is a biodiversity hotspot with a dazzling array of wildflowers. Although most of the area’s iconic species flower in spring, there is not a single season when the landscape is not alive with colours, textures and shapes. A few walks or climbs on and around the numerous peaks unveil a true botanical treasure – as long as you’re able to focus on the little things instead of getting lost in Koikyenunuruff’s lovely vistas.

Fox Banksia Sphaerocarpa Stirling Range Western Australia

The plants that populate the Stirling Range make it a special place, however, especially the rare montane heath and thicket is under serious threat: Phytophtora dieback disease, intense and frequent fires, climate change, as well as browsing by animals such as quokka’s (Setonix brachyurus), mardo’s (Antechinus flavipes) and quenda‘s (Isodoon obesulus) has led to severe population declines. Protective fencing for highly threatened species in order to allow regrowth has shown promising results – so don’t be surprised to find those fencing structures on top of Bluff Knoll!

Claw flower Calothamnus sanguineus Stirling Range Western Australia


  1. Beautiful! We love Australian plants. The University of California at Santa Cruz has a large Australian garden, and we loved visiting it and taking pictures. And the hummingbirds loved it too!

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