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Granite Petrophile – Pollock in the Bush

Granite Petrophile biloba Lesmurdie Falls NP Perth Hills Western Australia

The Granite Petrophile (Petrophile biloba) is endemic to the south-west of Western Australia and mainly grows on the granite overlaying soils of the Darling Scarp. It is generally unremarkable, but when this shrub starts flowering in spring it displays pink, grey, white and yellow flowers arranged in a seemingly chaotic order only seen in works of Jackson Pollock – a cacophony of colours, shapes and textures that draws you in when engaging with it long enough.


    • Thank you Inger 🙂 I guess the blue skies help us a lot down here. Love those petrophiles – for 11 months they are like ugly ducklings until magic happens.

    • It certainly is Janet. Walking through the Australian bush makes you aware of many unusual shapes and colours all the time – after 12 years I keep discovering things I never noticed before, like this flower, as if you just walk past you’d miss the fine hairy texture, sharp leaves and bright stamen. Art, pure art!

      • I’ve realized that when I walk, I can look down, out, or up. Each allows me to see very different things: some close, some far, others hidden. I hope to always be walking and not just looking, but seeing, and then sharing that seeing through photos a/o words.

      • I guess we all try to see and understand the world around us and by the way we look at it and share it in words, sounds and pictures is just an interpretation – as artists do. We do like art is when we share or can relate to that interpretation. I guess that with Pollock not many people could relate to it from the beginning – a great deal of experts were needed to explain his work

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