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Lantern Bug

Lantern Bug Pyrops whiteheadi Kinabatangan Sabah Borneo Malaysia

This colourful Lantern Bug (Pyrops whiteheadi) is a so-called planthopper of the Pyrops genus. As opposed to the popular believe the long beak or rostrum doesn’t give light – as planthoppers are herbivorous it is used to suck juice and sap out of plants and flowers.


  1. Girl Gone Expat says

    Wow – check all the colours of this little guy! Green, purple, orange, metallic blue – must be on of the most beautiful bugs I have seen:)

  2. Such an otherworldly looking creature Maurice! Are they poisonous? Often such bright colours would advertise to predators that the owner is either poisonous or foul tasting.

    • It’s a very distinctive bug indeed Dries. I’m not sure if they’re poisonous but the bright colours are certainly there to deter predators – and they also come in handy in the attraction of a partner 🙂

    • It has an extraordinary shape indeed, Gin – It has such a big sucking tube that it makes me think of a Rhino 🙂 It’s a hallmark of the Fulgoroidea-superfamily of planthoppers

      • Can we find some in Europe ? I’ve never seen anything like that (or maybe I never really paid attention…)

    • They are Janet – I like the leaf-like vein pattern on the wings too, giving it all the camouflage it needs between the vegetation.

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