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Purple Swamphen – Motion Blur

Purple Swamphen Yanchep National Park Western Australia

“Sorry to jet, but I’m in a hurry” – Starfox 64

Low ISO, slow shutter speed and a fast-moving Purple Swamphen. Look at those feet!

Purple Swamphen Yanchep National Park Western Australia


  1. Pretty funky hey? Tried to keep the text with this photo as short as possible in order to highlight the speed of the bird – no intention of being lazy here 🙂

  2. Girl Gone Expat says

    What an interesting bird – looks like something in between a peacock and a turkey! 🙂 Nice picture!

    • Thanks Inger – they are interesting birds indeed; always rushing on those long-toed feet that are designed to walk on floating reeds.

      • Girl Gone Expat says

        Yes, when you mention it the size of their feet are really amazing. Quite large compared to the rest of the bird.

      • Think I saw you wearing the same kind of feet while walking in the snow near Maligne Lake Road, Inger 😉 it’s about dividing your weight equally in order to prevent sinking too deep into a soft surface I guess?

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