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Galah – Defying Gravity

Galah Tendon Locking Mechanism Kalbarri Western Australia

“Every bird that flies has the thread of the infinite in its claws” – Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

This galah I met on the banks of the Murchison River near Kalbarri seems to defy gravity. But it doesn’t. As any other creature or object it would fall to the earth – even while being a bird – without the ingenuous anatomy of its feet. As in most birds they’re gifted with the so-called tendon locking mechanism or TLM – a mechanism in which the toes automatically grasp a branch in pincer-like fashion when bending its knees and heel articulations, allowing it to stay up in a tree without wasting too much energy and ‘play the Galah’.


  1. Girl Gone Expat says

    A very cool bird! Funny how it seems they are able to grasp on to nothing as still not fall:)

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