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Seagull – Thirst

Seagull Monkey Mia Western Australia

The last photo in the 5 Day Black-and-White Challenge is somewhat different. I found out that during the past few years I started to develop a certain style of photography – a style that increasingly showcases details, close-ups and portraits of animals and plants. I also discovered I find myself less confident when taking photos of landscapes or bigger subjects, resulting in my shots never really telling a story within that broader context – I guess this is exactly the reason I like to elaborately tell the stories behind my photos.

But this photo is different as it does tell a story. That is because my wife Anita has taken it. Anita is a great photographer, and whenever I leave the camera alone in an unattended moment she’ll grab it and starts playing around. Her photos are totally different as she simply sees things that I don’t. Where I probably would have focused on this gull’s brightly coloured beak Anita focuses on the bird drinking from a leaking tap. It just illustrates how people look at the same things differently.

The story of this photo is obvious – Australia is a dry land with scarce fresh water supply and this seagull at Monkey Mia takes every opportunity to drink from a leaking tap near the beach where people wash off the sand from their feet. But for me it also illustrates another kind of thirst: our thirst for wildlife and the outdoors. When you look at this blog you might think that we do nothing else than roaming through the bush in search for the next thrill, in contrary, we both have full-time jobs and work really hard to live our dream. However, whenever we get the chance we squeeze every bit of adventure out of the time we get – just as the seagull makes the most of just that one single drop.

In order to keep the Black and White fun going I would like to invite one of our new but very loyal friends to join in. Inger and Tor from Girl Gone Expatย live in Alberta, Canada, from where they explore to what I reckon is one of the last wild frontiers on our planet. I’m pretty sure that their awesome photos will translate beautiful in black and white. Thanks for all your support over the last months guys!



  1. I had to laugh at myself, I didn’t think you were like Steve Erwin who spent his day to day with animals but I did have a slight assumption going that you did spend a bit of time in search of them (Job related).

    I recently had a similar thought about seeing a item in two different views. ‘Mabbible’ wouldn’t take my camera as your wife does but when he does take pictures he tends to zoom in on objects and animals (His photos are also horribly blurry and I always look bad but mneh). As for myself, I really tend to gloss over things so I’m not sure which style I stick to mostly.

    If you WANT to start taking pictures of landscapes and bigger objects just do it. If you don’t start taking photos you’ll never learn about that particular niche; no one said you have to upload them to the internet. My suggestion about landscapes is its not for everyone; when I was a kid I thought them plain and not a challenge, but getting the right lighting is as important as taking a portrait of a person/animal.

    I was wondering why I wasn’t seeing any landscapes from you, Australia has such vast terrain even a picture of plain old dirt would be 10 times more interesting than dirt from USA.

    • I promise I’ll give it a shot at landscapes soon. And you’re right – they don’t have to be posted on the internet ๐Ÿ™‚ Landscape-wise, Australia can be so terribly empty that even finding that one point of reference can be a hard job. Finding a tree in the desert can be harder than finding elusive marsupials. But alas, no more excuses, I mend my ways!

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