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Black and White Challenge – Stripes

Zebra skin monochrome

A few days ago we were honoured with an invitation from our dear friends at De Wets Wild to participate in the 5 Day Black-and-White Photo Challenge. If anyone has ever read their reports on South Africa’s incredible parks and wildlife it’s easy to understand we were absolutely delighted by their invite – which we eagerly accepted.

Regarding our own blog I personally believe it’s more about storytelling than anything else, and although you might like some of our shots we never had any technical photography training  whatsoever. To do something different than usual is therefore the real challenge, however, I believe there are a few simple rules or tricks to master black and white photography. The most important of course is the subject, which has to be suitable for print in black and white. And what other animal than the zebra could that be? Although so common in any game reserve it’s often overlooked after the first few encounters,  I’ll always be fascinated by their unique stripy coat that offers camouflage to the zebra and the ultimate safari shot for me.

Apart from the rule to post 5 recent or past photo’s in black and white on 5 consecutive days, the B&W challenge also asks to invite another blog friend to join in the fun. We would therefore like to ask Alison from Northern Desert Photography to showcase some of her fabulous work on Nevada’s wildlife in black and white for us. We hope you’ll find the time for this challenge Alison – if not please regard this invite as a sign of appreciation for both your work and your support.


  1. Love it Maurice!

    I agree with you about zebras being terribly photogenic (I’ve actually also lined up a zebra-shot for our final black-and-white challenge contribution on Friday).

    Thank you also for the very kind words about de Wets Wild!

    • You’re welcome Dries – and more words will follow 🙂 I think the zebra is inevitable for this challenge and we look forward to yours!

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