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King Skink

King Skink Egernia kingii

We have a family of King Skinks (Egernia kingii) living under the laterite blocks just in front of our tree hut. With the weather warming up significantly the entire family can be seen basking in the sun almost every day now. It is easy to observe them as long as you don’t make sudden movements or cast your shadow over them – those lizards are extremely shy and the slightest movement will make them hide in their burrow. Despite their skittish nature they’ll quickly take a peek to see if the danger has gone after being disturbed, and once your spotted they closely keep an eye on you. Smart thing to do when you’re considered a tiger snake’s favourite prey…

King Skink Egernia kingii Lesmurdie NP Mundy Perth Hills

Who’s watching? Tell me who’s watching. Who’s watching me?

Rockwell – Somebody’s Watching Me


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