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Western Grey Kangaroo

Western Grey Kangaroo Yanchep NP

The western grey kangaroo (Macropus filiginosus) is one of four large kangaroos and wallaroos that occur in Western Australia. They are recognisable by the white marks on the forehead as well as their finely haired muzzle. Western grey kangaroos are grazers that feed on grasses and herbs, and like ruminants have micro-organisms breaking down fibrous plant material by fermentation. Most animals move out into the open at dusk to feed from late afternoon till early morning. With plentiful succulent green grass available close encounters such as in Yanchep National Park are pretty easy. Note the little Willie Wagtail (Rhipidura leucophrys) hopping around the roo in order to catch any creatures disturbed by their grazing.

Western Grey Kangaroo Yanchep National Park

Western Grey Kangaroo Yanchep NP


    • Thanks Dries, not that hard with this rather abundant species; it’s like the Impala of WA 🙂 although they can sometimes a bit more nervous and jumpy.

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