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Twenty eight Parrot – Welcome to the tree hut

Ringneck Parrot 28 Lesmurdie Falls National Park Mundy Perth Hills Western Australia

Hurray! After a few months of hard work we have finally settled in. Our new house is adjacent to Lesmurdie Falls National Park, completely surrounded by tall Marri (Corymbia calophylla) and Jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata) trees. As the deck in front of the house is equally high as the canopy we have baptised this wonderful place ‘The Tree Hut’. The surrounding forrest is home to native wildlife including flocks of noisy tail waggling Twenty-eights, a subspecies of the Australian Ringneck (Bernardius zonarius semitorquatis), clearly recognised by its red frontal band and its distinctive ‘Twenty-eight’ call. The Nyungar called this bird Darlmoorluk and regarded it as a guardian or protector of their camps, keeping evil spirits at bay. So hopefully our home is blessed with having those happy birds around, providing us with a place from which we can live our dreams.

Australian 28 Ringneck Parrot Lesmurdie Falls National Park Mundy Perth Hills Western Australia


  1. Wishing you many happy days in “The Tree Hut” Maurice. It sounds like an amazing place, and what gorgeous neighbours you have!

    • Many thanks Dries! It is an amazing place indeed, a world apart from the place we were living in not even three months ago… To wake in the middle of the bush every morning is like a dream come true. The everyday commuting is something different though 😉 Nevertheless, happy seeing you back @Safari!

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